forex robotron scaricare

started with 500 on my brokerage account to do live trading on the EUR/USD - GBP/USD. It starts coming back to make profit already. It's almost paid for itself already! At the moment the trading is going like an express train (ie extremely well I know it won't always go like that of course, but for the moment my wife and I are very happy - so far, so good. Zhang, says : I have run the ea about 10 days. John Answer: Excellent forex robotron results yet again John! I'm very happy with that for the moment. The use of this website constitutes acceptance of our user agreement and any changes made to the agreement. Most of the time Forex Robotron will close a trade before the stop loss is hit so does not actually lose the full risk set in one trade. 3 is going I am still loving robotron.

I'm currently using it on GBP/USD and EUR/USD with 5 risk. Thanks for the pat on the back, it's feedback such as yours that makes it all worthwhile! I will always keep you updated. Answer: Great to hear! Answer: Your more than welcome Anthony, that's what we wanted to achieve with Forex Robotron. New License: * (unlimited free licenses) John says : Thank you for sharing this excellent forex robot! Nick, says : Robotron has been running great! Gary says : Thanks. I made 16 percent this week and I could have taken the lot size much higher - I am probably still being a bit cautious - despite running on aggressive mode. Arasu says : Hi there.