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which would otherwise have been difficult to spot by only looking. These economic conditions and governmental news releases include: Interest rates Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country Inflation and spending indicators Employment figures Retail and Consumer Confidence Government fiscal and monetary policy etc. Forex trading is South Africa is a sound example of this, where desperate people seek opportunities while scammers take advantage of the environment. In the table above one can see that there are times when two sessions overlap, namely: New York and London: 8:00am 12:00pm EST. Therefore patience is key. This includes looking at a daily- or weekly chart, since his strategy is long-term. (See diagram above.) Support An area in a downtrend, where prices find support and fail to break through, often going into the opposite direction. Do you know how much you are willing to lose on this trade? Forex Trading Terminology Technical Analysis The study of price movement over a period of time by studying historical price movement and/or the use of technical indicators to help the user in making investment decisions. The Forex market only exists because there is always a willing buyer and a willing seller. What are your expectations, what are you hoping to achieve from trading? The best advice I can give a beginner trader is to think out of the box and not to trade with the crowd.

Once you have defined your risk tolerance and developed a proper trading strategy, knowing how much you are going to lose beforehand is an integral part of a decent trading strategy. A trading plan is essential and has to fit your personality. Volatility The measure of price change and the speed of change over a given period of time. Do they tease you with money?

As a rule of them, it is advised for a trader never invest more than 2 of their wallet in a single trade, and to have a plan in place for currency pairs they want to trade and an understanding of future news events that. The matches need not be exact, but should not differ by more than three minimum tick fluctuations. They would rather allow their stop losses to be hit than their profit targets. Like I said before its human nature to try and be right all the time, this will not work in trading! It can be nice to meet likeminded people that also trade or join online trading forums, but be aware not to follow other peoples opinions. Try to develop strategies that deal with momentum in a trade. Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose and seek advice if you do not understand the risks. To demo-trade for a year before risking real money is unrealistic. After A Trade Do you keep a trading journal and learn from your mistakes or experiences? Often the stop loss would be adjusted to follow the market higher or lower, in the intended direction of the trade.